Reims’ cultural life is always abuzz!

It boasts a wide range of cultural sites that offer shows, concerts and even festivals of all kinds to suit all groups.

Furthermore, many of these are associations operating in the field of culture – you will certainly have the chance to go to one of their events during your university year.

And to top it all is a busy schedule of cultural events over the entire year, such as the many festivals.


Le Trésor cultural centre has all the cultural information you need about the City of Reims and is the one-stop place to discover all the events and highlights of the current season at all of Reims’ cultural institutes:

With the online ticket office, you can also buy your seats from home, without needing to travel all across the city.

You will also find attractive student prices, which are all the more reason to make the most of Reims’ cultural life.

Cultural organisations in Reims

Culture in the city of Reims

Cultural organisations
Cultural associations
Culture on campus

CROUS cultural centre

The CROUS cultural centre, located on the Croix-Rouge campus, is open to all students in the territory. In addition to its cultural programme, it is also available to students and student societies for rehearsals and performances.

The cultural centre encourages student projects and supports them with Culture-Action commissions. These commissions provide financial and material support to student projects and initiatives.

It also offers the student creativity competition (Concours de création étudiante), which rewards and showcases student creativity with attractive prizes as a bonus.

Learn more about the CROUS cultural centre:

The University Department for Cultural Activity (Service Universitaire d’Action Culturelle, SUAC)

The University Department for Cultural Activity offers activities related to culture and the arts to students and all university staff.

It makes a contribution to ensuring access to culture, support in the development of cultural and artistic practices among students, encourages artists being at the university and develops partnerships with cultural and artistic actors.

It hosts several events every year, including the famous TurboFilm festival, which shows short films made by students over 24 hours.

Learn more about the SUAC here:,13923,24138.html

The Arts Society (BDA) at NEOMA Business School (NEOMA BS)

The Art Society at NEOMA BS, like all other cultural associations at NEOMA BS, endeavours to fuel artistic life on Reims’ campuses.

The BDA offers a range of cultural and artistic activities, such as a concert during Freshers’ Week (Weekend d’intégration), a WeArt festival, lessons offered by students or professionals to share their passion for art.

Musical Theatre at NEOMA BS (Comédie Musicale de NEOMA BS, CoMu), a flagship project by NEOMA, is a key event that brings together a range of arts: dance, singing, choir, fine arts and also fashion. This project is a joint effort by more than 80 artists at NEOMA who take part in a large-scale performance that helps to promote art on the Reims campus.

The BDA also allows students to participate in events such as the Derby Artistique and Trophée des Arts competitions, the latter of which brings together a range of business schools around one passion. Thanks to its vast choice of societies and clubs, the BDA is attractive to all NEOMA students and allows both keen enthusiasts and beginners to thrive in NEOMA’s society life.

Above all, the BDA ensures cohesion between students. It allows everyone to share their art with a large circle. The BDA aims to create an environment that is artistically stimulating and fulfilling, encouraging creativity and freedom of expression.

The Arts Society (BDA) at Sciences Po

The Arts Society at Sciences Po organises cultural, festive, artistic and sometimes humanitarian events. It creates and maintains links with other societies at the university, as well as other student Arts Societies in the region, and promotes cooperation with cultural institutes in the city.

The Arts Society is responsible for bringing art and culture to students on campus. It organises events (sometimes festive) linked to art (conferences, workshops, performances, end-of-year events, talent shows, etc.) and coordinates the various artistic associations on campus.

The Student Services Office (BDE) at ESAD:

The goal of this office is to promote society life, exhibitions and student journeys at the Reims School of Art and Design (École Supérieure d’Art et de Design, ESAD), to manage the activities and events that it offers, to promote the school to students, the world of employment and to generally contribute to the school’s reputation.

Its primary missions involve driving student life at ESAD, organising parties, welcoming new students, helping to promote the school and its production and developing excursions and trips for the school.

Major events

Les Noces Félines (September)

Electronic music in the fairy-tale location of the Palace of Tau.

Sunnyside Festival (October)

An event for jazz and African-American music

Charabia festival (November – December)

A festival of French songs

Sacré burlesque (November)

A burlesque festival

Born to be alive festival (November)

A festival of dance and underground performance

FARaway (January – February)

Arts festival in Reims (organised by 7 cultural stages in Reims)

Orbis Pictus festival (April)

A festival of short marionette performances

Ateliers d’artistes open day (April)

A day on which artists open their workshops to the public across the city

Magnifique Society (June)

Quite simply, it’s a magnifique festival for magnifique people!

Les Flâneries musicales (June – July)

Classical music festival

Un été à Reims (from June to September)

Outdoor concerts, open-air cinema, cultural events at the marketplaces, performances and much more!

Regalia (summer)

For all of summer and until 26 September, you can enjoy spectacular projections on the Notre-Dame Cathedral and Saint-Remi Basilica for free. Watch magic dance across the façades, blending history, symbolism and the richness of the City of Kings.

Learn more about the hours here:

Going out in Reims

Last update : 23 June 2022

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