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Need support or advice? Have questions about your rights?

Find the answers to your questions in the “Help and support for students” brochure. Several topics are discussed: Social support, transportation, food, information on your rights, mobility, housing, helplines, etc.

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Find aid

Financial support from CROUS

Grants: CROUS Reims – Grants

Need some info? For information, get in touch with the call centre (open from Monday to Friday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. – Phone: +33 (0) 969 391 919), or submit a form which can be found in the ASSISTANCE section on

You can also visit the Espace Reims Campus reception (31 rue du Général Sarrail), which is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Housing assistance from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF)

As a student, you may be eligible for housing assistance from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF). To apply for housing assistance, go to the Family Allowance Fund website

International mobility aid

If you wish to go abroad as part of your studies, specific financial support provided by parties other than the City of Reims is available. The most well-known is the Erasmus+ grant, but other grants exist. Check out the following information:

Regional aid link

Erasmus grants – Etudiant.gouv

Grants and other financial support for studying abroad

Info for young people in the Grand Est region

Food aid


AGORAE, Reims social and solidarity grocery store:

The City of Reims and its partners are committed to providing access to food aid for all students in need.

Two “AGORAé” social and solidarity grocery stores, which are managed by the INTERCampus federation, are located on the Croix-Rouge and Moulin de la Housse campuses.

Croix-Rouge AGORAé (Modular Building [BM] 1-8 URCA Croix-Rouge Campus) – 8 rue François Guyard

Moulin de la Housse AGORAé (CROUS Residence Teilhard de Chardin) – 9 rue des Crayères

These AGORAés aim to provide services to students and help create social links. They are made up of:

  • A social space open to all: activities are organised there, and this space is used to inform students about their rights, to offer advice on daily life (nutrition, eco-responsible consumption, etc.), but especially to develop solidarity between students, recipients, civic services and associations.
  • A solidarity grocery store that is accessible based on social criteria: students can find food products (fresh and dry), cleaning products and school supplies at reduced prices (between 10% and 30% cheaper than normal prices).

Students must now make an appointment to go to the AGORAé to do their shopping. A maximum of one appointment per person, per week is permitted. Accompanying persons are not allowed. To book an appointment, visit:

Important information The AGORAé at the Moulin de la Housse campus is currently closed. All recipients are kindly asked to go to the AGORAé at the Croix-Rouge campus.


ASERCA (URCA Student Solidarity Association): ASERCA

The ASERCA association offers emergency food aid by distributing packages to students in need. It is located at: 32, rue Ledru Rollin 51100 Reims (2nd courtyard / e-mail: / phone +33 (0) 629 310 739

Financial support for public transport


Thanks to the support of the City of Reims, students with student grants from scales 4-7 living in Reims can benefit from a discount on their yearly season ticket. To take advantage of this discount, you must show proof of residence in Reims and proof of your grant to the CITURA store at 6 rue Chanzy.

To find out more, go to:

Apply for financial assistance with help from the social welfare officer

Students without grants and students with grants who are on other grant scales and in precarious situations may claim financial support by filling in a form with the social welfare officer associated with their university course. This means that the Office for Coordinating the Social Security of the RATP (CCAS) will be involved with regard to transport.


You can benefit from low fares on the TER network Grand Est route:

  • “Carte solidaire” card
  • Primo (for those under 26 years old) and Presto (for those 26+ years old) season tickets
  • Primo (for those under 26 years old) and Presto (for those 26+ years old) cards

To find out more, go to:

Phone: +33 (0) 805 415 415


Student prices

Many cultural establishments in Reims offer lower fares to students to make culture more accessible to them. To find out more, go to:

Receive support for the BAFA

Do you have an interest in organising activities? Do you want to lead summer camp stays? Or recreation centres?

From the age of 17, you can obtain the BAFA (youth worker’s qualification) and the City of Reims will support you in doing so!

To find out more, go to: dedicated page.

Specific financial support

Find all specific financial support on the étudiant.gouv website and the website

  • financial support for international students
  • merit scholarship
  • personalised help for those who have disabilities (more info on the handicap.gouv website)
  • international mobility aid
  • regional and overseas financial support

Living in Reims

Last update : 23 June 2022

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