Finding accommodation

The first step for getting settled into your student life in Reims is finding accommodation.

To best prepare for this essential step, have a look at all the options on offer as early as possible:

  • CROUS residences: CROUS – Accommodation
  • Residences managed directly by a local authority landlord: Maison de l'Habitat
  • Habitat Jeunes residences for young people, foyers for low-income students and boarding school halls
  • University residences
  • Private flats

There are also other solidarity-based options:

  • KAPS (flat-sharing with community projects): KAPS
  • Ensemble2générations (intergenerational housing association): Ensemble2generations
  • IMAJ 51 (social estate agents for young people): IMAJ 51

Student housing

Assistance and support with housing

Mission Locale community aid projects for young people and Action Logement housing support centres

Organisations such as Mission Locale community aid projects for young people and Action Logement housing support centres, especially with Visale, a free and reliable solution for security deposits (VISALE) and the Loca-Pass deposit advance (

You can take out a loan, which must be repaid. Verify your ability to repay it before committing to the loan.

The CRIJ Grand Est

The CRIJ Grand Est also offers additional information on finding accommodation: IJ Grand Est – “Finding accommodation” (“Se loger”) section

Support offered by the Department of Marne

The Youth Support Fund (FAJ) is aimed at young people aged 18 to 25 years old who are facing difficulties in social and professional integration. It can provide varied and individualised support, for example with purchasing food, transport costs, assistance with housing, etc.

To apply for the FAJ, it is essential to be supported by a social worker from the Mission Locale. FAJ

In addition, the Marne department, together with the Housing Solidarity Fund (FSL), offers support for moving, the security deposit, outstanding rent payments, outstanding energy payments, landline invoices, etc. To learn more, look at the Marne Social Housing and Integration Service: Marne Housing and by phone at +33 (0) 326 695 151.

Boussole des Jeunes service

The digital platform allows you to explore all of the free services near you. If you leave your e-mail address or phone number, you will be contacted by the professionals you selected in the following days. They will provide you with support according to your needs.


If you need help paying your rent and your utilities, you can call the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) to receive Personalised Housing Assistance (APL) or the Social Housing Allowance (ALS).

  • The APL is a personalised form of housing assistance. It is paid directly by the CAF for state-convention moderate rent housing. The majority of housing falls in the state-convention category, in particular that managed by moderate rent housing (HLM) organisations and CROUS residences.
  • The ALS is a social housing benefit. It is most generally allocated to students. It can be paid for a room in a foyer for low-income students or university residence or a studio, apartment or house.

The benefits are automatically stopped on 1 July for all students, unless you inform the CAF that you will be staying in your accommodation past this date. Think about sending in your application right away because the CAF assistance is no longer retroactive!

To find out more: CAF. /

You can also simulate calculation of the APL.

N.B.: if you become a CAF recipient yourself, your parents’ entitlements to benefits may change. Talk to them about it! Do some research about the CAF.

If you are eligible, your residence will receive the housing benefit on your behalf and you will only pay the difference to your residence. Look into it once you arrive!

Before choosing your housing

Plan your budget

Rent will depend on the area in which you live, the type of housing you are renting, its area, etc. It also has to match the budget you can afford per month, so set yourself a maximum limit when you are researching.

Key figures

The average monthly rent for student housing in Reims is €401 (according to the 2020 UNEF study)

  • Average monthly rent in the Grand Reims urban community: €380 For a studio/T1 apartment with an area of less than or equal to 18 m²
  • Average monthly rent in the Grand Reims urban community: €440 For T1 apartments with an area of more than 18 m² and less than 30 m²

Reims is ranked 13 out of 47 cities in terms of average rent

Some criteria to check

Before choosing your accommodation, make sure that it respects the mandatory criteria for dignity, which are listed here. The landlord or owner is obligated to maintain the rented accommodation to an appropriate standard, in particular with proper insulation, functioning ventilation, a heating system, etc.


Living in Reims

Last update : 16 February 2023

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