Sport is very much a feature of student life in Reims. The City has a number of sports facilities and supports clubs operating on its territory. It is also bustling with annual sports events, such as Run In Reims, the Foulée des Sacres race, the FISE Xperience event and Reims Urban Nature. The City of Reims has also been selected as a Preparation Centre in the run-up to the 2024 Olympic Games.

Whether an amateur or professional, you will find what you’re looking for in Reims!

Sports facilities in Reims

The city of Reims has a number of sports facilities, including:

UCPA Sport Station sports and aquatic complex

Swimming pool, ice rink, gym and weights room, racquet sports, balneotherapy...

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Five swimming pools
  • Talleyrand swimming pool
  • Thiolettes swimming pool
  • Château d’eau swimming pool
  • Louvois swimming pool
  • Orgeval swimming pool

Student prices: Single entry €3.30; card for 5 entries €12.90

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Two ice rinks
  • Albert 1er ice rink
  • Jacques Barot ice rink (reserved for clubs and societies)

Price: Single entry €3.80; card for 5 entries €15.20

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Equestrian centre
  • Reims equestrian centre: the Reims equestrian centre stretches over 4 hectares, half of which is green space for all riders to enjoy. It is located 10 minutes away from Reims city centre and can be reached by public transport.
  • CERUC: Reims equestrian centre and pony club
  • You can follow news from the Reims Equestrian Centre on its Facebook page:

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InterTennis complex
  • 1 synthetic resin court
  • 3 clay courts
  • 3 outdoor hard courts
  • 6 badminton courts
  • 2 squash courts

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Football pitches
  • Auguste Delaune stadium
  • Murigny football field
  • Thiolettes stadium
  • Reims Champagne stadium
  • Robert Pirès stadium
  • Coutures municipal stadium
  • American football field
  • Apollinaire football field
  • Rugby field
  • St Symphorien stadium field
  • Bezannes football field
  • Muire stadium
  • Epinettes stadium

In total, there are around 20 football pitches, 3 rugby fields, 6 basketball courts, 1 baseball field and an American football field.

Sports hall

The City has 20 sports halls:

  • René Tys complex
  • François Legros sports hall
  • Neuvillette sports hall
  • Courcelles sports hall
  • Desbureaux sports hall
  • Léo Borgniet sports hall
  • Vasco de Gama sports hall
  • Géo André sports hall
  • Yser sports hall
  • Saint Exupéry sports hall
  • Lapique sports hall
  • Prieur de la Marne sports hall
  • Europe sports hall
  • Saint Thierry sports hall
  • Grand Gymnase sports hall
  • Rolan Bourgoin sports hall
  • University sports hall
  • Croix Rouge university sports hall
  • Richelieu sports hall
  • Croix Cordier sports hall


Centre Sports Nature

The Centre Sports Nature allows you to (re)discover outdoor physical activities for free. Located on the edge of the greenway, the Centre Sports Nature is in a cherry orchard, the ideal place to explore the varied range of outdoor sports.

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Sports for free

There are two skate parks available – one is located in Léo Lagrange park and the other in Vesle park (rue Clovis Chézel).

It is also possible to enjoy sports in Reims’ parks, which are equipped with basketball courts, fitness/weights areas, football pitches, skateboarding and roller skating areas, ping-pong tables, pump tracks, etc.

The Promenades Jean Louis Schneiter walks, which were fully redone in 2019, offer new options for leisure and sport.


Sports clubs in Reims

In Reims, you can go support the legendary football team, the “Stade de Reims” at Auguste Delaune stadium, the “Phénix” on the ice, the “Champagne Baskets” on the court and even the “Régates rémoises” on the water.

There is a plethora of choices for playing a sport as part of a club, as Reims has more than 50 sports clubs.

Just type “Sport” into the key word search bar:

Sports on campus

The French Federation of University Sports (Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire, FFSU) is a multi-sport federation open to all students. In Reims, its headquarters are at the Moulin de la Housse campus (

The FFSU is the only federation authorised to issue the title of university champion of France.

Membership gives you access to all activities. The FFSU includes 16 team sports and 52 individual sports.

Team sports
  • Basketball
  • 3x3 basketball
  • Football
  • 8-a-side women’s football
  • Futsal
  • American football
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Rugby sevens
  • Rugby league
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • 4x4 volleyball
  • Beach volleyball
  • Water polo
University Department for Physical and Sports Activities (SUAPS)

At the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, you can register for the activities offered by the University Department for Physical and Sports Activities (SUAPS) for free* (,119,20616.html). 

The SUAPS offers students at URCA a variety of activities in sport, art and well-being, both indoor and outdoor, either beginner or advanced. The activities take place in various sports halls on different campuses.

List of SUAPS activities:

Free plan*: accessible to all students enrolled at URCA and associated bodies

Campus Plus sports plan: accessible to students who pay a registration fee (€29)

  • Types of dance: Cuban salsa, bachata/kizomba, beginner’s swing dancing, beginner’s cheerleading
  • Fitness: Pilates, meditation for stress management, beginner’s step aerobics, Renfo bums and tums, Swedish Fit, Renfo cardio, Renfo pump, stretching, BodyAttack cardio, Zumba, yoga, shiatsu, Renfo stretch, Fit zen
  • Martial arts: Advanced judo, beginner’s Kyu judo, self-defence, full contact karate, karate, aikido, kinomichi, pankration (mixed martial arts), beginner’s fencing
  • Team sports: Basketball, handball/beginner’s handball, volleyball, beach volleyball, football, mixed futsal, futsal, women’s rugby, men’s rugby, touch rugby
  • Racquet sports: Badminton/table tennis, touchtennis, tennis
  • Well-being and fitness: Yoga, Nordic walking, shiatsu, Pilates, sophrology, meditation for stress management, gym and cardio space, cross training, gymnastics
  • Outdoor sports: Beach volleyball, beginner’s climbing, advanced climbing, bouldering, running, beginner’s trail running, Nordic walking + outdoor excursions (paddleboarding, skiing, climbing, etc.)
  • Water sports: Swimming, first dive experience
  • Sports – outdoor: Horse riding, golf
  • Training course for fitness test: physical training specifically for the fitness test to enter the gendarmerie, police and army

Major sports events

Sport is a vital part of life in Reims, with a large number of sports events organised in Reims and the surrounding area every year:

  • Imagine for Margo race (start of September)
  • Les Bacchantes race (autumn)
  • Les Foulées Aquatintiennes race (September)
  • Bulky Games obstacle course race (September)
  • FISE competition (September)
  • Run in Reims races (October)
  • Corrida de Cormontreuil race (November)
  • La Corrida de Bétheny race (December)
  • Le CUBE competition (April)
  • Courir à Bezannes race (May)
  • La Foulée des Sacres race (May)
  • Boom Bap Festival – Block Party event (urban culture festival) (May)
  • Jumping international de Reims horse jumping competition (May-June)
  • Un été à Reims event (summer)

To find out more about the events taking place at the moment, go to the Events/News (Agenda/Actualités) section

Going out in Reims

Last update : 16 February 2023

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