Welcoming students

Espace Reims Campus

From the end of August to the end of September, students prepare for the new academic year at the Espace Reims Campus with the opening of the “New academic year info centre”.

This info centre brings together the various partners of student life in Reims: the URCA, the Reims CROUS branch, the MGEL student mutual insurance company, the Crédit Agricole du Nord Est, the RJR radio station, the Action Logement group with its VISALE rental guarantee, and the CPAM in order to help new arrivals settle in and become part of the student life in Reims.

It is a unique place to find information and carry out all the administrative procedures for the new school year such as public transport, housing, grants, health coverage, student life, etc.

Espace Reims Campus

31 Rue du Général Sarrail 51000 REIMS

Contact by mail Espace Reims Campus

A place for information and meetings

The objectives of the service set up by the Reims CROUS, the City of Reims and the Grand Reims region are to welcome and inform students from all the higher education institutions in the Reims area and to offer them a space for meetings and exhibitions. This service, designed to support the 35,000 students in Reims, has the “Reims Campus” label.

A place for student societies and partners, made available by the City of Reims

Student societies and partners are invited to organise their seminars, conferences, debates, exhibitions, meetings, etc. here.

The space is free of charge, subject to agreement on the type of event proposed and depending on availability.

The space is nearly 100 m², which has made it possible to set up not only an information point, but also a lounge area and a meeting room. Capacity is limited to 50 people.

Reims Campus also offers to share information about your events, notably via the community's communication tools,  Reims Campus Facebook page and Reims Campus Instagram page

Bookings can be made by contacting Ms Elodie Nguyen on  +33 (0) 326 778 752 or by e-mail: elodie.nguyengrandreimsfr


The CROUS has an office at Espace Reims Campus, and is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., except during university holidays.

Contact the CROUS office: +33 (0) 969 391 919 

Welcoming international students

Are you an international student? You have at your disposal several services and associations that are there to support your student life in Reims:

Useful contacts for international students
  • International subprefecture work desk:

This service allows you to access all the information regarding the administrative procedures to be carried out and to be guided through these procedures (applying for a residence permit, renewing the student residence permit, changing address, etc.)

+33 (0) 326 867 100

If you have any questions about your residence permit, send an e-mail to: sp-etrangers-reims@marne.gouv.fr

  • URCA – Department of External Relations and International Development (DREDI):

The DREDI is a department of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, which supports international students. It organises exchanges between international students, researchers and teachers through the ERASMUS+ programme and outside Europe. It supports foreign students during their exchange programme at URCA. It manages the administrative and financial matters of students moving abroad as part of an internship or exchange programme. It helps with setting up international projects and it shares information with international students (calls for projects, funding opportunities, etc.)

+33 (0) 326 918 987 – drediuniv-reimsfr

To find out more, go to: DREDI

  • International Centre for French Studies (CIEF):

The CIEF is also part of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. Its main objective is to help non-French-speaking students acquire linguistic, methodological and cultural skills to help them integrate into their future university studies.

It welcomes foreign students wishing to improve their knowledge of the French language, on a full-time or part-time basis, for a semester or an academic year.

+33 (0) 326 918 195

To find out more, go to: CIEF

  • Reims CROUS – International Relations:

The CROUS supports you in all aspects of university catering, housing, grants, social matters, culture and student life.

+33 (0) 326 505 911 – internationalcrous-reimsfr

To find out more, go to: https://www.crous-reims.fr/international/

  • The Europe Direct Reims Grand Est Information Centre:

This centre helps you to find answers to questions about the European Union, whether it is about citizenship, the European institutions or international mobility programmes, etc.

The Europe Direct Information Centre encourages young people to move and study abroad in Europe and supports them in their efforts to do so.


+33 (0) 326 798 473 / +33 (0) 749 930 551 – ciedreimscrij-grandestfr

To find out more, go to: https://europedirect-reims.fr/

  • NEOMA Business School – Directorate of International Relations:

The Directorate of International Relations aims to support all international students at NEOMA Business School. The school develops multicultural exchanges both within and outside the curriculum in order to help prepare students for the global job market. It offers its students courses abroad for one to eight semesters.

+33 (0) 326 774 612 – hub-reimsneoma-bsfr


  • BDI – NEOMA Business School International Students Office: +33 (0) 326 774 713

The NEOMA BS international students association, which welcomes and integrates international university exchange students (organises themed aperitifs, city tours, etc.)

  • ESN Reims (Erasmus Student Network Reims) – URCA International Students Association: esnreims51@gmail.com

This association welcomes, integrates and supports exchange students and offers guidance to local students about moving abroad to study.

  • Grand Reims Tourist Office: +33 (0) 326 774 500 – website

The tourist office helps guide students as soon as they arrive in Reims, especially with regard to activities, city maps, services in their neighbourhoods, etc.


Living in Reims

Last update : 16 February 2023

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