The campuses

The City of Reims has a large number of higher education institutions located throughout its region. Below you will find a list of the main campuses in Reims, which are the centres of student life.


The Croix-Rouge campus is home to several faculties and departments of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, including the Faculty of Law and Politics, the Faculty of Economic, Social and Management Sciences, and the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences. Campus 1 of NEOMA Business School is also nearby.

Nearby transport
  • Tram A/B, Campus Croix-Rouge stop (connections to the Santé campus, the Bézannes TGV train station, the city centre and Reims central train station)
  • Bus 11, Campus Croix-Rouge stop
  • Bus 13, Campus Croix-Rouge stop
  • Noctambus night bus, Campus Croix-Rouge stop
  • ZébullO bike rental station – Campus
  • Several car parks (access via Avenue François Mauriac; access via rue Bergson)

Santé campus

Close to the Reims University Hospital Robert Debré (CHU), the Santé campus is home to three URCA faculties: the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Faculty of Odontology, as well as the Regional Training Institute of Paramedical Personnel.

Nearby transport
  • Tram A, Hôpital Debré stop
  • Bus 4, Hôpital Debré stop
  • Bus 40, Hôpital Debré stop
  • Bus 7, Koenig / Hôpital Debré stop
  • Bus 12, Koenig / Hôpital Debré stop
  • station Zebullo CHU Robert Debré


Nearby residences


The Moulin de la Housse campus is made up of several faculties: the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities, and the University Institute of Technology in Reims-Châlons-Charleville (IUT). The campus also hosts the International Centre for French Studies (CIEF).


Located in the Saint-Rémi district, the Sciences Po campus is situated on an exceptional historical and architectural site – the former Jesuit College that was built in the 17th century.

The beautifully restored campus offers both the beauty of a listed historic monument and the modern conveniences necessary for modern-day students.

Nearby transport
  • Bus 2, Conservatoire stop
  • Bus 4, Saint Maurice stop
  • Bus 5, Saint Maurice stop
  • Bus 6, Ruisselet stop
  • Bus 9, Ruisselet stop
  • Bus 11, Saint Timothée stop
  • ZébullO bike rental station – Maison des associations and Saint-Rémi

Study in Reims

Last update : 15 February 2023

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