Getting around

Whether you want to get to campus, go out on the town or explore outside Reims, discover all the modes of transport available for getting around the Reims urban community and its surrounding areas

Getting around the city

Public transport

Bus and tram


Student grant holders (grades 4 to 7) may receive a special rate for an annual season ticket on CITURA transport. To take advantage of this, you must present proof of residence in Reims and proof of grant at the CITURA shop, 6 rue Chanzy.

To find out more, go to:

Public transport season tickets for students

Apply for financial support with help from the social welfare officer

Non-grant students and grant holder students in other grades who are in precarious situations may claim financial support by compiling a file with the social worker associated with their university course. This means that the Office for Coordinating the Social Security of the RATP (CCAS) will be involved with regard to transport.

Night services (2 bus lines and 2 tram lines) every day from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and 9 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Noctambus service (

The Noctambus service has connected student hubs – campus and residences – to night life since 2015. It has a route of 11 km that covers 26 stops (the line connects the Moulin de la Housse site and the Croix Rouge campus and the city centre). In addition to a driver, a conductor welcomes students and helps them on board the bus for the entire journey. All CITURA tickets are valid on Noctambus, at the same price as during the day.

The Noctambus service runs from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. (from Thursday to Saturday and the day before national holidays)


You can benefit from discounted prices on the TER Grand Est route:

  • Carte solidaire card
  • Primo (for those under 26 years old) and Presto (for those 26+ years old) season tickets
  • Primo (for those under 26 years old) and Presto (for those 26+ years old) cards

Phone: +33 (0) 805 415 415


With more than 200 km of cyclable area in the territory, cycling is a free mode of transport!

Map of Reims for cycling (can be downloaded here)

ZébullO (, self-service, fully electric bikes: 120 bikes at 17 stations (network is currently in development)

Measures to assist with purchasing bikes both with and without electric features


Car sharing

There are many platforms that operate nationally, such as:

  • BlaBlaCar: website for reference (mobile app: BlaBlaCar)
  • Klaxit: a well-supplied alternative (mobile app: Icolutis)
  • Mobicoop: website is freely accessible and free of charge, no registration and no fee to use
  • Roulez-malin: car-sharing with no fees
  • FreeCovoiturage: Car-sharing that is connected, reasonably priced, collaborative and environmentally friendly
Long-distance buses

There is a wide range of options for travelling across France and Europe by bus for reasonable prices.

  • Ouibus: offers short and long bus journeys with more than 300 destinations in France and Europe.
  • Flixbus: Europe’s largest network of long-distance buses. 
  • Isilines: long-distance bus journeys all across Europe.


Mission Handicap at URCA

Campus Croix-Rouge - Bureau 3014, 57bis rue Pierre Taittinger, 51100 Reims

Each of the University’s courses has a Mission Handicap contact person to provide support.

Students can get in touch by e-mail or by phone to receive support.

Video interpretation screen at the Town Hall

The City provides a screen with sign language (in the Colbert room of the Town Hall) for those with hearing difficulties

Reims contact +33 (0)326 777 879 / e-mail

Audio location markers

They give those who are blind or visually impaired information about their location and directions for reaching nine points around the city: Town Hall, the Centre for Community Projects (MVA), Directorate for Education, Directorate for Human Resources, Directorate for Town Planning, the Conservatoire, the René Tys sports complex, the Croix-Rouge media centre and the urban community hall.

The Departmental Centre for Disability (MDPH51)

Each department has a welcome centre specifically for providing information and guidance to those with disabilities. The MDPHs aim to facilitate the processes for accessing benefits and services for those with disabilities.

To find out more, go to:

Living in Reims

Last update : 16 February 2023

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