Reims has a very vibrant nightlife. The city boasts a wide selection of bars, which is popular with students. Depending on how late it is, you can keep the party going in nightclubs.

Nightclubs (non-exhaustive list)

How to get home from your night out?

There are several options available for students to get home safely.

Noctambus service (

The Noctambus service has connected student hubs – campus and residences – to nightlife since 2015. It has a route of 11 km that covers 26 stops (the line connects the Moulin de la Housse site and the Croix Rouge campus and the city centre). In addition to a driver, a conductor welcomes students and helps them on board the bus for the entire journey. All CITURA tickets are valid on Noctambus, at the same price as during the day.

The Noctambus service runs from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. (from Thursday to Saturday and the day before national holidays)

Zébullo bikes (

ZébullO, self-service, fully electric bikes: 120 bikes at 25 stations (network is currently in development).

Learn more about the Zébullo service:


Going out in Reims

Last update : 23 June 2022

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